Our Story

When we were still a manual workshop, I enjoyed making various tools and even some crafts. I loved immersing myself in my own world, content with each piece made by my own hands. After coming home, the burdensome housework left my wife and me exhausted, only wanting to lie on the sofa to rest. I thought, “why couldn't I create some simple, multifunctional, and better tools to make cleaning easier?”

Based on the needs of household chores, I made some handmade tools using wood and tubing on the basis of existing tools. However, after our trial use, we both felt that the tools hadn't improved much, found them to be heavy and clumsy, and saw other issues in them. So, I redesigned the tools, chose plastic materials, and made several tools with lighter tubing. From that day on, I enjoyed the beautiful moments spent with my wife at our studio researching and designing. After a long period of designing and refining, we finally created tools that we are satisfied with.

Not so long after, I began to share the tools with more people around me, collect feedback, and speed up the tool improvement process. As more and more people joined our workshop, we grew rapidly—'Yocada' was born.

We believe that warmth is a kind of strength.