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Mop and Bucket with Wringer Set

One simple, eco-friendly system to effortlessly clean your entire home.

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Electric Mop Cordless
Electric Mop Cordless

Elvira Greenholt

Unboxed it, plugged it in and in 3-1/2 hours it was ready to go. The self-propelled feature is a real plus. It was so easy to use. I love the cleaning station, too. Emptying the dirty water was much eas…

Plastic Mop Bucket
Mop Bucket


This product has collapsed on me a few times it could be user error lol but serves it purpose. I like that it can collapse and be stored out the way.

Yocada Floor Squeegee
Yocada Floor Squeegee

Jane Smith

The Squeegee Broom is great for quick sweeping hard floors (tile, wood, etc). Works perfect for dog hair and in hard to reach places like under beds and sofas.

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Warmth is a kind of power.
Liberated from the burdensome housework. Take more time with your family, have more beautiful moments of your own.

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Our passion lies in transforming tedious cleaning tasks into enjoyable experiences. Before releasing our new products to the market, we carefully evaluate their effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. and we only bring forth high-quality cleaning tools that blend style with functionality for you and your family.

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